Electronic Health Records

Working with Electronic Health Records

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Duration (hr): 62


This course will provide students with the knowledge and skills required to work with electronic health records in today’s rapidly changing health care environment.  This course provides the student with an in-depth and practical training on a widely used Electronic Health Record software program.  Students will be able to apply theoretical knowledge to equip them to successfully enter the medical community with a comprehensive working experience and understanding of an EHR as well as their components.



Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Identify and enter/manipulate Basic Demographic and Clinical Health Information

  • Recognize and list Clinical Decision Support Tools

  • Describe and enter/manipulate Physician Order Entry Screens and Electronic Prescribing

  • Define, formulate and interpret Health Quality Information from an Electronic Health Record

  • Exchange and accept Electronic Health Information from downstream systems

  • Analyze and manage security on an Electronic Health Record system

  • Arrange and create detailed workflows using an Electronic Health Record



Upon completion of this course, students will have basic skills to perform duties as Medical Records Clerk, Health Information Clerk any modern computerized medical office.



Demographics and Clinical Health Information


  • Clinical Decision Support Tools

  • Physician Order Entry

  • Electronic Prescription Tools

  • Quality Assurance of Health Information

  • Exchanging and Sharing Health Information

  • Managing Security in an EHR environment

  • Workflow Management Tools

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