Visa M-1 for International Students

This school is authorized under Federal law to enroll nonimmigrant alien students.
SAM Consulting Services Approved as a Vocational Type of Institution (Visa M-1) for foreign students.
A Vocational Student Visa allows applicants to come to the United States to attend a vocational or non
-academic school, such as a business school. Foreign students may remain in the US with a Vocational
Student Visa so long as they continue to engage in full-time studies.
The M-1 visa is a type of student visa reserved for vocational and technical schools. To obtain an M-1 visa
for traveling to the United States a Form I-20 must be completed. The I-20 is issued by a designated
school official, typically the international student adviser, after the student has fulfilled a school's admissions
requirements and presented proof of financial resources.
The applicant’s spouse and unmarried children under 21 years of age may accompany the applicant to the
US upon approval of an M-2 visa for the remainder of the applicant’s stay. Children may attend public or
private primary and secondary schools without having to obtain their Student Visas.
To be eligible for the Vocational Student Visa, foreign students must apply for and be accepted by
a vocational or non-academic institution in the US. The applicant must apply for the visa prior to their entry
and show that the purpose of their stay is for full-time studies, consisting of 18 hours or more of study per
week. Students must show proof of sufficient funds to cover the costs of schooling and living expenses and
maintain their residence abroad while showing proof of binding ties to ensure their return home.
Currently SAM Career Center offers the following programs which are registered and eligible for
M1 Visa:
   - Software Quality Assurance


If you want to take one of our full-time programs and

 -  You are not a US resident and currently you are outside the US, you have to
    follow these procedures for registering with us and applying for the M1 student visa
Complete and submit the Registration Form to
All supporting documents, such us Passport, Driver License, Diploma, Bank Statement,
and so on can be scanned and sent to the same e-mail address in electronic form


Pay $140 registration fee (for details see payment information form)
Based on the information in registration form and supporting documents we prepare
Enrolment Agreement Software Quality Assurance), which includes student Personal Information, Chosen
Program of Study, Cost and Payment Plan Information, Return Policy, Start and Length
of the Program, and many other details. Electronic copy of this Agreement will be send
to your e-mail address
You have to review this Enrollment Agreement and and return signed electronic copy
back to  
Pay 2 month Tuition for selected program (for details see payment information form)
After receiving all required information and payments we will complete Form I-20  in
electronic format and submit this form for approval directly to United States Department
of Homeland Security (DOHS)
The reviewing of this I-20 application usually requires up to 120 days, and applicant
will be notified about the result of this review by mail from DOHS.
When you get notified that your I-20 application has been approved you have to contact
to the closest American Embassy or Consulate and arrange personal interview regarding 
receiving M-1 Visa.
After that you have to pay the $200 SEVIS fee at least 3 days before your interview at the
American Embassy or Consulate. To pay this fee, find Form I-901 at
You have to arrive in American Embassy or Consulate having with you all original
documents (I-20 form, financial documentation, passport, I-901 payment receipt, etc.)
In case of success on the interview you MUST secure student travel insurance before
arrival. You will need to show proof of insurance before starting classes. You can purchase
student travel insurance from IMG ( or any other vendor of your choice.
In case of negative result on your personal interview you have to inform us about that and
in accordance with Enrollment Agreement request full refund of your tuition payments


-  Otherwise, please contact us at