Information Technology

SQL Server Database Administration

Start: TBA       Type: Evening / Weekend Classes       Duration (hr): 130


This course will introduce Microsoft SQL Server Administration and Development to students. Students will get  theoretical knowledge and practical skills in Transact-SQL coding, debugging, performance tuning, system installation, management, and maintenance.
 Upon completing this course students will have skills in:
  •   - Microsoft SQL Server installation / Cluster Installation / Microsoft SQL Server Analysis.
  •   - How to use SQL Help/SQL Help Online; how to find an answer for problematic issue
 Managing database files:
  •   - Data structure
  •   - Creating and Managing databases
  •   - Performance considerations
 Managing Security
 Performing Administrative tasks
 Backup/restore and recovery
 Monitoring SQL for performance
 Transferring Data (DTS)
 Replication; Disaster recovery; Log Shipping
 Data warehousing; SQL Analysis Server
The Following topics will be covered:
SQL Server Overview
SQL Server Installation and Configuration
Overview of Database Concepts
Managing Security
Performing Administrative tasks
Monitoring Performance
Transferring data
SQL Server Analysis
SQL Server – ADO technology
SQL Programming Across Multiple Servers
XML Integration
Strategies to Maintaining High Availability
Maintaining transactions and locks



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