Information Technology

SAS Programming

Start: TBA       Type: Evening / Weekend Classes       Duration (hr): 65


SAS is a Software Reporting Tool, which has interface with various Databases, such as Oracle, Sybase, Informix, DB2 etc. SAS is used for data mapping, Data Modeling, Data Warehouse, Data Manipulation, Analysis, Re-Engineering Cost Cuts and Estimates. It has wide application in various fields, such as pharmaceutical, Finance, Brokerage, Insurance, Medical, Health care, Education and various Government Organizations. The course provides modeling and segmentation analysis, SAS programming and analytical procedures, missing value treatments, business statistics, hypothesis testing, sampling theory, data analysis, test analysis, and survival analysis. Extensive programming examples and exercises are providedusing SAS. 
After completing this course, students should be able to examine data used with SAS, interpret a basic SAS log, code basic DATA and PROC steps in a SAS program, process selected observations, use observations in calculations, use DO groups to control processing, produce reports, perform statistical analysis, use various input styles to create SAS data sets, read different types of external data files, retrieve data with the SQL procedure, create and modify SQL tables and much more.
This course is valuable for program developers, system analysts, business analysts, web designers, clinical statisticians and researchers, mathematicians, biotech statisticians, technical personnel and others interested in learning methods of statistician. A working knowledge of computer architecture, and statistical analysis, MS Windows operating system, in addition to one or more programming languages and SQL is preferred.


Introduction to SAS

Working with the SAS Datasets

Arrays and SAS programming


SAS Macro


SAS Reports




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