Business and Management

Microsoft Word and Excel Fundamentals

Start: TBA       Type: Evening / Weekend Classes       Duration (hr): 30


This course introduces students to essential skills, which are necessary in today’s business environment. The skills are developed based on learning and usage of Microsoft Office major tools. The course is intended to teach students how to use a computer to write letters in Word and do calculations in Excel.
Upon completion of this course, students will become comfortable working within Microsoft Office environment and efficiently using major Microsoft Office tools to perform various administrative tasks. In addition, students will become familiar with the process of creating business documents such as business letters, invoices, etc.  Students will acquire solid foundation in computer usage that will allow them to learn easily more specialized computer applications in medical, pharmaceutical, legal, accounting, and other industries.
The following major skills will be developed:
  • Editing documents in MS Word
  • Formatting documents in MS Word
  • Creating tables in MS Word
  • Entering formulas and formatting a worksheet in Excel
  • Working with functions, formulas, and print options in Excel
 Upon completion of this course, students will have basic skills to perform duties as Administrative Assistants in any modern computerized business environment.

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