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Medical Billing and Coding Training

Start: TBA       Type: Online / In-class; Evening & Weekends       Duration (hr): 70


This course familiarizes the students with patient account management and helps develop confidence and skills necessary to become successful in performing the duties of Medical Biller It introduces the basic medicine language concepts to help students develop their medical vocabulary. On completion of this course the student will be able to identify, spell and define medical terms related to diagnosis, pathology and treatment of the major body system. Students will learn, understand and complete HCFA’s requires billing forms, including physician billing balance, billing and collection procedures. Third-party payment policies and follow-up procedures will be discussed in details. Computerized procedures essential for effective managing and billing in today’s medical office will be implemented during this course
Upon completing this course and to demonstrate competency in this course, the students will be able:
  • To obtain proficiency in analyzing medical words
  • To understand how the element relates and applies to medicine
  • To divide words so as to recognize proper component elements
  • To identify word terminals and know their meanings
  • To develop new words by combining root elements, terminals, and prefixes
  • To pronounce medical words correctly and to use a medical dictionary for verification
  • To process a variety of billing transactions using Patient Account Billing Software to acquire medical billing skills highly regarded in the health care profession.
  • Define Third-party reimbursement method.
  • Understand Legal issues, explain Strategies for Protection and Preventions.
  • Implement the knowledge in assigning CPT-4 and ICD-10 codes using different sources such as manuals, different computerized programs.
  • To perform Life Cycle steps of an Insurance Claim including Maintaining Insurance Claim Files
  • To file Workers Compensation and Commercial Claims
  • To define general Insurance contracts
  • Describe the advantages of computerized Billing including posting adjustments from procedure entries and payment entry screens.
  • Enter and Edit patient information
  • Enter and edit charges and payment information for the patients
  • Implement Reimbursement and Collection skills
Upon completing this course students will have skills in performing duties of Medical Biller in any Medical Facility.
The following topics will be covered:

Medical Terminology
Introduction to Health Insurance
Introduction to Medisoft
Life Cycle of an Insurance Claim
Health Information Management and Coding
CMS Reimbursement
Tricare. Medicate. Medicare
Major Medical
Legal and Ethical Issues
Handling of Workers Compensation Cases

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