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Java Programming

Start: TBA       Type: Evening / Weekend Classes       Duration (hr): 120


This hands-on course starts with an introduction to Java programming language, presenting an overview of Java syntax and language constructs, object-oriented concepts, exception handling, and GUI development using standard Java libraries.Next, students are introduced to more advanced Java enterprise application development topics, including multithreadingand synchronizations, networking and communications, database programming using JDBC, and finally JavaBeans, RMI and Java Enterprise Edition overview.
Upon completing this course students will have skills in:
  • Object-oriented programming;
  • Working with files in Java;
  • Generics;
  • Collections;
  • Multi-threaded programming using Java
  • Database programming using JDBC;
  • Java networking packages;
  • JavaBeans and Reflection API;
  • RMI;
  • Java Enterprise Edition Overview
 The Following Topics will be covered:

Introduction to Java Language
Language Fundamentals
Object Oriented Programming
Advanced Java Language Constructs
Detailed Overview of Java Packages
Concurrency and Multithreading
Introduction to Networking
Network Programming in Java
Database Programming in Java
Web-based Programming
JavaBeans. Reflection API
Java Enterprise Edition Overview



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