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JIRA, Confluence, Git, and Stash/Bitbucket Server with Agile and Scrum

Start: TBA       Type: Online / In-class; Evening & Weekends       Duration (hr): 50


This course is designed to prepare students for Project Tracking and Collaboration Tools: JIRA, Confluence, Git and Bitbucket (Stash) Server. JIRA provides bug tracking, issue tracking, and project management functions. JIRA is used for work planning, specifically to document and track work items, assign work items to team members, estimate time and track actual time spent, etc. JIRA provides full support for Agile, helps with documenting releases, and in general what it is called change management. Confluence is collaboration software, and it is a way to share and maintain various documentation. Bitbucket (Stash) Server is a workflow tool; it is a hosting service for projects that use Git revision control systems. The course also reviews Agile Methodology and Scrum.
1. Agile Methodology and Scrum
- Establishing the Agile project
- Developing a foundation with user stories
- Estimating and "The Planning Game"
- The Agile coding process
- Managing to the Agile Manifesto
- Introduction to JIRA
- Working with Issues
- Searching and Reporting
- Customizing the Dashboard
3. Confluence
- Introduction to Confluence 
- Using Confluence
- Managing attachments
- Managing images
- Using links
- Using labels
- Search
- Collaborating in Confluence
- Customizing Confluence
4. Git and Bitbucket (Stash) Server 
- Git Basics
- Git Branching
- Git on the Server
- Bitbucket (Stash) Server Fundamentals 
The course is designed for professionals who are interested in and  learning Project Tracking and Collaboration Tools: JIRA, Confluence, Git and Bitbucket Server (Stash), and reviewing Agile Methodology and Scrum; for QA Analysts/Testers, Test Engineers, Computer System Analysts, Software Developers, Project Managers, and Business Analysts.
Some industry experience or/and familiarity with any documentation tracking and collaboration tools.

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