Business and Management

IT Auditing

Start: TBA       Type: Evening / Weekend Classes       Duration (hr): 70


This course provides a comprehensive introduction to IT Auditing utilizing manual and computerized auditing tools while emphasizing on basic auditing terminology used in business environment as well as the assessment of information systems in diversity of clients/institutions. The successful completion of this objective will also assist in passing the ISACA exam (although this is a secondary course objective).


·         To discuss information systems auditing topics in sufficient depth to provide students with understanding of the concepts and current practices
·         Grasp essential business terminology
·         Introduce basic IT auditing principles and terminology
·         Understand the process of Information systems Auditing
·         Understand the concept of IT auditing
·         Learn basic skills necessary to begin IT audit and working with data within corporate environment
Upon completing this course students will have skills in performing duties of  IS Auditor in any environment.
Students will demonstrate the ability to successfully address issues in conducting an internal auditing assignment.
·         IS Audit Function Knowledge
·         Fundamental Auditing Concepts
·         Internal Controls Concepts and Knowledge
·         Audit Planning Process and Audit Management
·         Audit Evidence Process
·         Audit Reporting Follow-up
·         IS/IT Strategic Planning
·         IS/IT Management Issues
·         Techniques
·         IS Planning
·         Information Management and Usage
·         Development, Acquisition and Maintenance of Information Systems
·         Impact of IT on the Business Processes and Solutions
·         Software Development
·         Audit and Development of Application Controls
·         Technical Infrastructure
·         Service Center Management
·         Information Assets Security Management
·         Logical IT Security
·         Applied IT Security: High technology Resources
·         Physical and Environmental Security
·         Protection of the IT Architecture and Assets: Disaster Recovery Planning
·         Insurance and Management Support



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