Information Technology

Data Analysis with Python

Start: Apr 2020       Type: Evening / Weekend Classes       Duration (hr): 60


Students will learn fundamentals of Data Analysis with Python programming. After completing this course, students will be able to perform related work that requires knowledge of data analysis with Python programming, data manipulation and data visualization.
1. Statistics Basics – students will review basic concepts and terminology in Statistics.
2. Python Programming Fundamentals – the module includes following topics: Basic Data Types (Basic Data Types, Variables, Operators, Functions and Modules), Compound Data Types (Lists, Strings,  Sets, Dictionaries), Flow control (Conditional expressions, Loops, Iterators), Working with files, Working with functions, OOP Concepts, Benefits of Standard Library.
3. Data Analysis and Visualization with Python – module provides solid fundamentals of Data Analysis and Data Visualization using functions and Python Libraries, such as Numpy, Pandas, Seaborn etc.
*60 instructor-led in-class academic hours
Basics of Statistics and Excel 

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